A2 Smeaton Grange Upgrades

Project Summary

A2 have been enjoying ever increasing demand for its premium brand of milk.  Unfortunately, this had led to a series of bottlenecks at its Smeaton Grange Plant in New South Wales.  A2 turned to Donnan to upgrade both its waste-water treatment capacity and its raw milk storage.Donnan first installed a new 75,000 litre stainless-steel tank, as well as new draininage, intermediate tank and electrical controls.  The congested footprint of the plant meant the tank needed to be buddied underground, requiring extensive shoring and protection as well as major civil works.Donnan then completed the installation of additional raw milk storage.  The existing framing was laser scanned to meet the tight timelines needed by A2 to ensure production targets were met.  New Walkways and roof access were also added to

Project Details


A2 Milk Australia

Project Value


Project Duration

June 18 - Feb 19


Sydney, NSW

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