Somerset STP

Project Summary

The existing Somerset Dam Pump Station was nearing the end of its life when it was further damaged in the 2010 floods. While the town of Somerset Dam was quite small, the sewerage flows were extremely variable due to the holiday crowds flocking to the popular water skiing and camping location. 

In 2012, Queensland Urban Utilities issued a tender, looking for ways to improve the system and cater for both the variable flow and future expansion. Donnan Q put forward a low-cost system that used a proprietary screen and Rotating Biological Contactor with the final treatment provided by over a hectare of Vetiver grass. To cater for the large range of flows, a 22,000L balance tank was added. Given the possible wet weather, in excess of 80,000L of storage was provided if flow was unable to be released to the Vetiver plantation, with chlorine recirculation loops provided to meet the strict discharge licence. Due to the plants remote nature, a high level of plant automation was provided. Clear SCADA was used so that full plant operation is able to be provided by the QUU Ipswich office, 80km away.

Project Details


Qld Urban Utilities

Project Value

$ 2.1 m

Project Duration

JUNE 2012 - JANUARY 2014


Somerset, Qld

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